Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 50/2015/Septembrie

Guest Editors:

Pere AMOROS MARTI, University of Barcelona, Spain.

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Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 Mobility Strategies of Eastern European Immigrants in Spain during the Great Recession 3069
2 Differences between Students in STS and Non-STS Classrooms Regarding Creativity 3275
3 Advocacy for Empowerment: A Case of the Learning Disabled People in Malaysia 3055
4 The Process of Transition from Public Care to Independent Living: A Resilience-Based Approach 2977
5 Investigating the Correlation between Personal Values and Overall Satisfaction for Consumers of Higher Education Services and Assessing the Managerial Implications 2970
6 Impact of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases on Quality of Life 3114
7 Social Services in Times of Economic and Social Crisis: The case of Spain 3017
8 Correlations between Nutritional Screening Score and Anthropometric Parameters in Institutionalized Elderly 2776
9 A Study of the Impact of Personal Initiative on Safety Production Management Mode Transition: Based on the Perspective of Social Cognitive Theory and Anthropology Embeddedness Theory 2777
10 The Assessment of Quality of Life and Biopsychosocial Implications in the Diagnosis of Women’s Urinary Incontinence 2852
11 An Assessment of Individual and Technological Factors for Computing Validation: Motivation and Social Processes 2709
12 Differential Effects of Specific Negative Emotions on Individual Risk Preference Behaviors under Social Accidents: An Analysis from the Perspective of Affective Computing Theory 2727
13 Opinions on Euthanasia among Czech Seniors and University Students 3210
14 Effects of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy on Romanian Foster Parents’ Psychological Functioning and their Perceived Parenting 2809
15 The Romanian Migration: Development of the Phenomenon and the Part Played by the Immigration Policies of European Countries 3056
16 The Dynamic-Systemic-Process Model of International Competencies for Psychologists and Trainees 2828
17 Effects of the Transformation of Social Forces on Environmental Protection: An Example of Marine Conservation in Green Island, Taiwan 2765
18 A Study on the Depiction of Disability in Illustrated Story Books 2933
19 Empirical Social Research to Identify Clusters of Characteristics that Underlie the Online Evaluation of Accommodation Services 2931