Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 57/2017/Iunie


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1 The Mechanisms of Protection Factors in Operation in the Case of Teenagers Living in Romanian Placement Centres 1667
2 Predicting Suicide Risk among Male Offenders: The Role of Severe Personality Disorders 1539
3 Motivational Sources of Teachers in a Developing Country 1623
4 Paralytic Lumbar Disc Herniation. A Four Years Social and Economic Impact Study for North-East Region of Romania 1409
5 Early Repair Benefits In Cognitive Development of Patients With Tetralogy of Fallot 1513
6 Mixed Care for Elderly People in Spain and France: A Comparative Analysis 1385
7 The Influence of Apilarnil Treatment on Some Aspects of Getting a Job and Social Networking in Young Adults 1504
8 Correlations between Diabetic Nephropathy and Life Quality in a Study Group of Type 2 Hospitalized Diabetic Patients 1493
9 The Crisis Impact on the Romanian Health System and Population Health 1639
10 Medical Confidentiality in the Relationship Medical Team - Patient with Mental Disorders and Its Impact at Social Level 1582
11 Structural Stigma, Affiliated Stigma and Consequences of Caregiving for the Family Members of Inpatients with Dementia: A Comparative Approach 1557
12 Exploring the Influence of Customer Participation on Employee Service Innovation Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Customer Psychological Empowerment and the Moderating Effect of Organizational Innovation Climate 1438
13 Corporate Governance: A Comparative Study of Firms in Northern Cyprus and Turkey 1768
14 The Extreme-capitalist Face of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Stakeholder Theory 1616
15 Investigating the Effects of Price Refund Policy on Product Perception and Repurchase Intention of International Hotel Industry with Positive Theory 1464
16 Moral Fundamentals of Human Life Protection and the Population’s Right of Health 1507